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Monday, July 27, 2009

Cocaine scare hits 'Efiewura'

Currently spreading at Winneba, the birth place of actor Joojo Mills Robertson, popularly known to television viewers as Pastor Abrahams of Efiewura fame, is news about the actor's alleged meddling in drugs in faraway London.

Rumuors in tile town have it that, the 'gluttonous' Efiewura 'man-of-God' has been nabbed by security personnel in London and prosecuted in line with the country's anti-cocaine laws. For many in Ghana, especially lovers of Efiewura, the pastor's sudden disappearance from the popular serial tends to give credence to the rumour.

Spectator Agoro can say categorically that those rumours about the actor's alleged incarceration in London for possessing cocaine are not true. An exclusive telephone interview with Pastor Abrahams from his base in Bronx (Foulton Avenue) in the United States of America on Tuesday indicated that he is definitely not in prison since Koo Fori, another character in the serial, was with him on a visit. Pastor Abrahams told Spectator Agoro that it was worrying that he has of late been receiving calls from his family members and loved ones about the rumuors that he has been imprisoned for dealing in cocaine.

"It's never true that I've been arrested and imprisoned in London, because I'm not even in London as the rumours say. I'm talking to you from Bronx in the US,” he said. He said that the rumour tended to sound credible since a Ghanaian called Ago Mills Robertson was arrested for smuggling cocaine in London, recently. "I learnt the guy is called Ago Mills Robertson, so people think it's me. It's not me!" he said.Asked about his mission in the USA, Pastor Abrahams said, "My mission here is two-told.

First, I'm here because my mother, Ophelia Hammond, is seriously sick and is seeking medical treatment at the Bellview Hospital here. She is very sick and Ghanaians should pray for her. "Immediately she gets well, I'll come down to Ghana and continue with my role in Efiewura", he said. For his second reason, Pastor Abrahams explained that "as part of my role in the serial, I'm currently supposed to be going for a pastoral course here in the USA to obtain a doctorate in Theology. "With this, I'll be called Rev. Dr. Dr. Abrahams when I return to take my role in Efiewura", he said.

Pastor Abrahams said that since Koo Fori is the character to partner Rebecca to run the church in his absence, "Koo Fori is now here in the US to ask for my blessings to do 'wonders' like myself'. Patrons of Efiewura will notice that in Pastor Abraham's absence, Koo Fori is taking over the pastoral duties. Source: The Spectator

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