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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ghanaian invents "Electric Cream" for energy

Fluocinolone Acetonide Cream 01

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Mr Paul Karikari, 55, has invented an "Electric Cream" that generates intense heat of up to 100 degrees Celsius within four minutes, intended to solve the energy problems of the country.
The electric cream, a greyish lotion-like stuff has aluminium, edible oil, caustic soda and water as its active ingredients. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Monday after a competition organized by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as part of their 50th Anniversary, Mr Karikari, a trained teacher who hails from Bekwai in the Ashanti Region, said the "Electric Cream" was a multi-purpose product which powered certain prototype items for domestic use.
The competition, which seeks to unearth the innovations of Ghanaian inventors, has 14 entries left after screening the initial 20 entries. The screening would continue until three innovators emerge as the final winners.
He said stage one of his innovation had ended with prototype items such as iron, food warmer, cutlery sterilizer, plumber plastic pipe bender, water and egg boiler and a messaging bottle modelled for prospective investors.
The "Electric Cream" has been tested and approved by the Chemistry Department of the University of Ghana with Professor Derrick Caboo as the reference.
According to the inventor, the Al metal in the cream also begins to react and in less than 10 minutes heat begins to generate and the amazing thing is that after two hours, when the heat begins to drop, one needs to put three Alu-nodles and one-eighth litre of water into the container, stir and heating begins again.
The "Electric Cream", he said, could be charged and re-charged with water and Al-nodules for many years and could become a new source of energy for the whole world should an investor come his way. Mr Karikari said of all the capabilities of the "Electric Cream", the iron and food warmer stood out for obvious reasons.
"Let all the fires in the world go off, anybody in possession of the "Electric Cream" will generate heat anywhere with the afore-named products, including people in the Polar region".
He said the exothermic nature of the cream made it to release electrons which the Department had advised him to look for investors or physicists to help tap to produce electricity.
"It is my greatest desire to get an investor who will buy into my invention to solve the energy crisis of the country and beyond," Mr Karkari said.


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