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Saturday, August 8, 2009

'Ghanaians will judge NDC rightly in 4 years'

Dr Tony Aidoo, Head of Policy Monitoring and Implementation at the office of the President, says Ghanaians will judge the ruling NDC government rightly in four (4) years time.

He said the NDC has a four-year mandate and would, therefore, deliver to the expectations of the good people of this country.

“We have a four-year term within which we will make sure that we implement policies that will better the lot of Ghanaians,” said Dr Tony Aidoo.

Dr Aidoo was speaking on Accra based Citi FM's Eye Witness programme on yesterday's demonstration organized by members of the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG).

He disclosed that aside from the support it was getting from the Bretton Woods institutions, policies of the NDC government are being rolled out and soon Ghanaians will be the ultimate beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, AFAG's demonstration, according to the organizers, was a platform which enabled Ghanaians to register their displeasure against the untold economic hardships brought upon them by the Mills led government.

The leadership of AFAG was highly excited about what it described as a massive turn out and asserted that it was ample testimony that the current government has failed Ghanaians.

Dr Aidoo, a sharp critic of the NPP party, expressed surprise that AFAG in just seven months was calling on the government to enhance the living standards of Ghanaians when they are aware of the mess the immediate past Kufuor administration had created.tony_aidoo

“The NDC is cleaning the mess and corruption left behind by the NPP government, and has also fashioned out policies which will soon alleviate Ghanaians from poverty,” he noted.

The NPP government, he added, executed shoddy projects which have been exposed and described such works as very appalling.

“Go to the Districts and you will see the kind of shoddy works done by the Kufuor administration,” stated Dr Aidoo.

He explained that it is not that the government is unaware of the hardships that Ghanaians are going through, but added that all this will be there no more by the time the NDC finishes serving its four-year term.

According to him, for the past seven months not a single Minister in government has been paid his/her salaries, and yet they have been working assiduously to enhance the well being of the people who voted them into power.

“We sympathize with Ghanaians, and I must say that for the past 7 months none of the ministers of the current government has been paid salaries, but still we have continued to work.”

Dr Aidoo reiterated that in the next four years by which time the NDC would have completed its term, Ghanaians will experience a vast difference between his party and the NPP.

This, he predicted, would be manifested in the kind of policies that will be implemented by the NDC to alleviate the plights of the masses of this country.
Source: The Ghanaian Journal - The Ghanaian Journal

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