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Friday, August 7, 2009

Mpiani Buys $70,000 Benz for Kufuor

Even before the so-called concerned friends of Kufuor present him with their custom made BMW 7-series ordered from Europe, and even before Asamoah-Boateng completes his so-called fund-raising to buy a car for the ex-President, Kwadwo Mpiani, the ex-Chief of Staff has bought a brand new S-320 Mercedes Benz for him.

The Benz was delivered to ex-President Kufuor last Thursday afternoon and though this paper cannot tell how much Mpiani paid for it, and whether he paid in cash or by cheques, our search has revealed that a brand new S-320 cost $70,864.50 in the open market.
Obviously, it was in preparation to buy this car that Kufuor got his spokesman to tell the whole world that with the retrieval of the last batch of state vehicles from his house, he no longer has even a single car to use.

Ever since he stepped down as ex-President, ordinary Ghanaians have had their ears assailed by various arguments about why the state must full be responsible for his sophisticated taste and life of opulence.

Before leaving office, he grabbed a state building and installed in it sophisticated electronic equipments used imported from the US and South Africa with state funds with the belief that NPP flagbearer, Nana Akufo-Addo will win the election so he can convert this state property into his personal one.

When the state decided to retrieve it, Kufuor and his henchmen cried foul, claiming he was being deprived of his office. Then it came to cars. The ex-Presidency left office taking along state vehicles meant for the Presidency, a pure act of thievery. When they were retrieved by the state, he became angry and rejected the two brand new Chryslers given to him by the government.

Then only last week, he is reported to have again rejected two S-320 Mercedes Benz cars offered him by the government while getting his spokesperson and apologists to tell the whole world that he no longer has a car to use.

Then came news that a group calling itself Concerned Friends of Kufuor have ordered a custom-made BMW 7-series for him from Europe.

Another news item fed Ghanaians was that Asamoah Boateng, a former Minister in his government was raising funds to buy the ex-President a new car. Of course, as this paper put out last week, the ex-President is reputed to be filthily rich so his the tears he is shedding alleging he has no cars are nothing but crocodile tears and an attempt to hide his loot.

Intelligence source have told this paper that Kufuor has gotten people to front for him and use his own money to buy cars for him. This paper cannot tell whether Mpiani bought the car on his own or with Kufuor’s own money but what is certain is that the purchase of the brand new S-320 Benz for Kufuor was in Mpiani’s name.

Source: National Democratic

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