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Monday, August 3, 2009

President Mill Must stop the Complaints

I heard our dear President Atta Mills on peacefm addressing the chiefs and people of Tain during his recent tour of Western and Brong Ahafo Regions, telling them how the debt his predecessor incurred is preventing him from delivering on his campaign promises. I was surprised because I have heard the same complain from the President when he addressed the Chiefs and people of Goaso. The central theme of his tour of the Western/Brong Ahafo regions was Kuffour incurred debt so we are unable to deliver the promises we made to Ghanaians. The Vice President on his visit to the Volta region during the weekend also made a similar statement.

Who doesn't know that Kuffour left Ghana a huge debt? We have heard this from His Excellency and his Vice over and over again so there is no need repeating it in their tours of the regions. President Mills did not campaign to tell Ghanaians how much debt we owe neither did he campaign to tell Ghanaians that we owe and therefore those without jobs should remain jobless.

I want to remind President Mills that as Chief Executive Officer of Ghana, your job is to solve the problems that exist in the country not to tell Ghanaians that there are problems. Ghanaians know the problems already and that is why they dethroned the NPP by voting for you and your party.

So the debt that Ghana owes cannot be an excuse for you to defer on your promises. I do not want to believe that you are a bad worker who is quarrelling with his tools hence the complaints and accusations. It is only when you and your ministers get serious and find solutions to the problems facing Ghanaians that you will be able to deliver.

Therefore, get serious and stop thinking that by accusing your predecessor, the people of Ghana will forgive you for not honouring your promise. We the people are matured enough to know that such blame games are political gimmicks and publicity stunt designed to divert attention from the main problems.

I would like to remind the President that whatever he does or says, we the people of Ghana have resolved to demand that he honours his promises or face our wrath in 2012 which is just at the corner. We have noticed that we have been fooled for quite too long with promises, pledges and what have you but this time our eyes are wide opened and we have come of age to be taken for fools. Therefore it is either you deliver or you suffer the same fate of your predecessor.

By Lord Aikins Adusei

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