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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jerry Rawlings Weeps Over NDC Attack

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Former President Jerry Rawlings is not a happy man, as key and influential figures in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) keep tormenting him and his family each passing day. Spokesman for Mr. Rawlings, Kofi Adams summed up the frustrations of the ‘oldman’ when he spoke on various radio networks across the length and breadth of the country yesterday, trying strenuously to defend the Rawlingses over the issue of their accommodation which has eventually degenerated into an abduction issue.

With ‘stupid ministers’ falling on each other to denigrate the NDC founder, Kofi Adams said there was a deliberate and orchestrated attempts to cause disaffection for Rawlings using an Accra based private radio station belonging to acolytes of President Atta Mills. The spokesman said Mr. Rawlings was well aware of such covert moves by members of his own party to undermine him. He cited the supposed abduction of a photojournalist from the Insight newspaper, Dauda Mohammed, by supposed agents of the Rawlingses as a classical example – indicating that the former first family was not happy about developments and the attacks on them by influential members of the party and the government. “This one; it is not the opposition that is doing it, it is our own NDC members,” he alleged.

For some time now, Mr. Adams said, “we’ve picked up intelligences reports that even from within our own party, some government appointees this is (sic) what they’ve been thinking, this is what they’ve been up to, to do to the Rawlingse… it’s amazing but President Rawlings has worked so tirelessly to bring his own party back to power and yet some government elements feel he is the last person they want to hear about, the last person they want to deal with. So anything they will do, in close partnership with journalists ready and willing to do him in, they will manage…this is a classical example of one of those things that have been put up.” Though he would not disclose the identity of any individual or group of persons in the NDC, he described them as detractors of the Rawlingses, Kofi Adams questioned the reason why the alleged abduction of the cameraman was first aired on Radio God, owned by the Ahwois, stressing that greed and lies could lead to the party’s collapse. “The first station they called into was Radio Gold.

If was true (sic) why should a party founded by former President have his own party members doing this to him…greed and lies is what will destroy this party and our government. And some of us we’re getting tired of this,” was how he put it. Mr. Rawlings’ spokesman therefore considers the accounts of Dauda Mohammed and his colleague Duke Tagoe, both from the Insight newspaper, which suggested that the former was abducted by agents of the Rawlingses when they went to the his private residence at Adjiringano near East Legon in Accra to take pictures of it, as concocted.

This, according to him, was because they are part of a group of selected journalists brought together with the objective of “doing in the former President.” No matter the length they go to pursue this supposed objective, Mr. Adams, who doubles as the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC said, those elements in the NDC and their journalist agents would not succeed in carryout out their hidden but now open agenda since it would fall flat. “When you listen to their account of events, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, you don’t need to be a security expect to know that these are persons who have been put up to do this. They made an arrangement but did not know that they’ll be exposed… these are persons put together to do in the former president, but it will not wash,” were his exact words.

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