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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nana Addo mobbed on his first tour of Accra

It was billed to mark the beginning of the last leg of his national campaign tour, which takes place at the regional capital from this week. And, what better way to announce his welcome and test his popularity than by a visit to the main markets of the city.

From Makola, through the Kaneshie Market, Agblobloshie, and Okaishie to Abossey Okai, everywhere he went Nana Akufo-Addo was mobbed by a joyous crowd of mainly women, both young and old, retailers and shoppers, alike. They numbered in their thousands.

Drivers of trotro buses and taxes hooted their horns to show support for the man who is seeking to win his party’s nomination on August 7 to contest for the presidency for the second time in 2012. Even some drivers of Government vehicles could not hide their joy.

The traffic was thick and static, but the drivers did not seem bothered. They hit their horns eurhythmically with joy and their passengers waved through the tiny windows of the mini-buses, shouting, “Nana o Nana!” It was as if everything else could wait.

Amidst the din of brass band music and spontaneous shouts of “Nana O Nana” everywhere, Nana Akufo-Addo and his impressive rainbow team of young and experienced men and women from across the country, made their way through the narrow paths of the markets.

With his bodyguards maintaining a healthy distance, Nana took time to interact with petty traders, porters (kayayo), market men and women, shoppers and commuters alike. Shaking every stretched hand and tapping every shoulder that came his way. It was a day to press flesh with the people in general before he begins meeting his party delegates.

Some asked questions and he took his time to answer them; always maintaining a smile, and exhibiting no signs of a man in a hurry.

According to Sheikh I. C Quaye, who had been on this tour before with Nana in 2008, confessed, “This is bigger than I had ever seen. What is very moving today is the sincere hope that the ordinary Ghanaian man and woman are prepared to invest in Nana for a brighter future. It is honest and genuine love for a man they know has given his all for Ghana and continues to do so.”

“Is this necessary?” one street hawker was heard asking. “Is what necessary?” another inquired.

“I mean is it necessary at all for the NPP to spend money and energy to compete when we all know that Nana is the best choice for Ghana in 2012?”

Nana Akufo-Addo, who lost the 2008 election by less than 0.5 percent, told the crowds that he came to announce to them that he is fit, energized and determined to work hard to win power in 2012 and “bring back hope and prosperity to the majority of Ghanaians.”

He begged them for their prayers and support. But, the day was for celebrating the hope that hope is indeed just around the corner. For hours, the central business district of the capital came to standstill and no complainants could be heard or found.

As Nana left the Kaneshie market building, the market women followed him. From there he took the short walk, followed by literally thousands of people, through the streets to Abossey Okine, the bastion of pure Ghanaian entrepreneurship.

The spare parts sellers came out in their numbers to listen to Nana’s message of hope. He encouraged them not to let the depressing economy of low sales and lack of consumer confidence drain their enterprising spirit. They should continue believing in Ghana because there are surely brighter days ahead after 2012.

Nana expressed optimism in winning the NPP flagbearer ship race come August 7, citing his faith in God and what he has witnessed from all the ten regions to support his confidence.

He, however, appealed politely to the electorate to refrain from the “NO NANA NO VOTE” slogan.

While he is confident of victory he believes the nature of internal party democracy dictates that whoever wins deserves the total support of all to propel him to the ultimate electoral victory in December 2012.

After visiting the major market areas of the capital, Nana started his delegates’ visit at the Palladium, where he met Odododiodio constituency delegates.

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