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Friday, July 30, 2010

Mayor Unveils Logo of the New Accra

Accra Mayor Alfred Vanderpuye
Accra Mayor Alfred Vanderpuye
Dr Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije, Mayor of Accra, has officially unveiled the logo of the Accra Branding on Monday 26th July 2010 at a staff durbar of the Accra Metropolitan Authority (AMA).

According to the Public Relations Specialist for the Accra Braning Project, Mr Charles Nii Ayiku, this logo would represent a symbol of engagement of citizens towards a new city philosophy that includes making Accra a better city forever.

The logo has the word "Accra" written in the colours of the national flag, with the black star at the tip of the line underneath the word and a slogan "Live in, Love it".

Later, this logo was presented at a Community Leaders Meeting on Wednesday 28th July and it will be further disseminated during community meetings to be held in each of the Sub-Metros and through a total branding of AMA activities. It is also worn by officials of the AMA on a badge to demonstrate to residents the new image of Accra as well as inform them of the AMA's willingness to make Accra a better place to live and love.

The logo has been developed to unite Accra’s residents and visitors to work towards a better environment under one unifying theme that promotes affectionate feelings for the city, respect for the city, aspiration for better quality of life, and the energy to improve the quality of life.

The branding of the City has become necessary after a survey was conducted to ascertain the perception of citizens of the City and officials of the Accra Metropolitan Authority. Known as the Consultative Citizens' Report Card, this report was undertaken under the auspices of the World Bank and the Accra Metropolitan Authority. It has been designed specifically to facilitate the exchange of information between City residents and the AMA.

It also contains information that will be of interest and use to City residents as it provides a factbased picture of service coverage and service quality issues across the City at large, and also within each of the eleven Sub-metros. This information will help residents determine how services in their neighborhood and Sub-metro compare with other areas across the City, and help them identify areas that are better or less well served.

According to the Mayor of Accra, “My office is, through this Consultative Citizens' Report Card, listening to what Accra's residents are saying. We will use this information to shape policies and programmmes so they respond more closely to residents' needs."

The logo was developed by INSTINCT in cooperation with the creative team of MMRS Ogilvy.

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